La intrépida pegatina informadora.

La intrépida y extraña pegatina informadora.

Pues eso, los laboriosos chicos de Photo Rumors, a partir de lo que han ido contando los entusiastas chicos de Leica Rumors, han recopilado todo lo que las lenguas de doble filo han ido filtrando desinteresadamente (of course) en la Red de Redes sobre la nueva Leica M10 y nos lo enseñan a continuación para que no suframos más de angustia vital por no poder soportar hasta el 18 de este mismo mes, el miércoles próximo, a que se haga su lanzamiento y presentación oficial.

Hala, ya podéis devorar o saborear la información.

  • There are no openings for a microphone or a speaker
  • Dedicated ISO wheel/dial on top plate: the dial for the ISO on the top plate has the settings A – M and then goes from 100 to 6,400
  • The camera on switch has only one setting and it’s marked with a dot, there will be no S – C options (for single/continuous shooting)
  • Next to the display on the left are only 3 buttons: LV, Play and Menu as well as 2 LEDs (this is probably done to fit the larger LCD screen), there is also a setting dial as well as direction pad on the back
  • The M10 does not have video recording (no movie button on top), but it does have Live View
  • The flash shoe has the same EVF connector as the TL – previous rumors indicated that the M10 will use the same EVF from the TL
  • LED framelines
  • 0.72x improved (bigger?) viewfinder (FYI: both the Leica M9 and M 240 have a 0.68x viewfinder)
  • Frame selector
  • Raised M mount to accommodate the rumored thinner body (3.8mm thinner)
  • The model name will be M10, no more “Typ” reference (Leica M10 was recently registered in China)
  • 24MP sensor (the sensor from the Leica SL/Q)
  • Max ISO: 50k (just like the Leica SL and the Leica Q)
  • Slightly bigger LCD screen
  • Same EVF from the TL camera
  • The new M10 should be 3.8mm thinner than the M 240 (should be as thin as analog Leica M camera)
  • Image processing engine MAESTRO II
  • Up to 5 frames per sec
  • Build-in Wi-Fi
  • Improved/simplified menu
  • The Leica M10 will most likely use the same battery (BP-SCL2) as the M Typ 240
  • The official announcement is on January 18th

En cualquier caso, ya falta menos.

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