Steve’s Digicam analiza a fondo al telefonillo Microsoft Mobile Nokia 1020

Estoy seguro que también lo hay en color que no sea amarillo.

Estoy seguro que también lo hay en color que no sea amarillo.

Mucho se ha escrito ya de este telefonillo, pero una opinión más nunca sobra, así que os presento en el formato habitual para esta WEB las maravillas que puede hacer el artilugio y después los pros y los contras del análisis.

Ya sabéis que Nokia ya no existe, ahora es Microsoft Mobile, así que el cielo lo asista a él y a las nuevas generaciones telefonilleras. Ah, y estoy seguro que hay más colores además del amarillo que parece recurrente en todas las WEB’s.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Features:

  • Windows Phone 8 OS
  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB internal storage (no microSD card slot)
  • 7GB Free Cloud Storage
  • 4G LTE, 3G, 2G
  • 4.5-inch WXGA Touch Display
    • 1280 x 768
    • 334 ppi
  • Main Camera (Rear)
    • 41-megapixel BSI 1/1.5-inch image sensor
    • 3x Digital Zoom
    • f/2.2
    • 26mm
    • Optical Image Stabilization
    • Pure View
    • Xenon Flash
    • 15cm Min Focus Range
    • Full HD 1080p Video Recording
      • 30fps
      • 6x zoom
      • 3 White Balance Modes
    • ISO 100-3200
  • Photography Apps
    • Panorama
    • Bing Vision
    • Cinemagraph
    • Creative Studio
    • Nokia Storyteller
  • 1.2MP Secondary Camera (1280 x 960 pixels)
    • f/2.4
    • 720p HD Video
  • FM Radio
  • Calculator
  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • Alarm Clock
  • Reminders
  • Phonebook
  • To-do List
  • Family Room
  • Kid’s Corner
  • OneNote
  • Social Networks
  • Wallet
  • Lync
  • Company Hub
  • Office
    • Excel / Word / PowerPoint / OneNote
  • Touch UI
  • XBox-Live Hub
  • DirectX 11
  • Email
    • Gmail
    • Nokia Mail
    • MS Exchange
    • Windows Live / Hotmail / Outlook.com
    • Yahoo!
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wi-Fi
  • NFC
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Micro USB

The Nokia Lumia 1020 — available in black, white, or yellow — works on the AT&T cellular network. If you sign up for a two year contract, you can buy one for as little as $49.99. Unlocked versions cost $610. Buy one today directly from the Microsoft Store, Amazon, or AT&T.


  • High resolution photos look great
  • Offers both high resolution and low resolution photos recorded at the same time; low-res photos are good for sharing via social networks or via MMS
  • Low light performance is very good with minimal noise
  • Built-in optical image stabilization helps in low light photography
  • Compares favorably to many point-n-shoot cameras in terms of image quality
  • Some limited manual control options
  • Sharp-looking thin device
  • Very good battery life
  • Movies are easy to shoot
  • 32GB of internal memory
  • Maximum shutter speed is up to 4 seconds, one of the best performances in a smartphone camera
  • Sleeve accessory includes large right-hand grip, tripod mount, and larger shutter button


  • No optical zoom lens (as with most smartphones)
  • Shot to shot delays and shutter lag is problematic
  • Start-up to first photo recorded is slower than average for smartphone cameras
  • Touchscreen isn’t a full HD resolution model
  • Display has only 15:9 aspect ratio, rather than 16:9
  • Pixel density on display screen trails high end of current smartphone market
  • Playback mode works in an odd manner
  • Windows Phone 8 OS isn’t quite as easy to use as some other smartphone operating system options
  • Use of multiple apps, or “lenses,” to gain access to different features is confusing
  • No slot for adding a memory card
  • Not enough manual controls for more experienced photographers

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