Uno de los primeros análisis del Sigma 135mm F1.8 DG HSM Art

Seguro que muy bien.

Como no se puede resumir mejor y aunque sea una paliza “brexenglish-ica” os pongo aquí las impresiones que un probador que se llama Tim Neumann acaba de publicar en Canon Rumors sobre el novísimo Sigma 135mm F1.8 DG HSM Art.

El análisis es de esos en los que hay que tener mucha fe, pues las imágenes que complementan a los comentarios son tamaño sello, eso si, algún recorte al 100% si que hay.


I found the autofocus system to not only be accurate, but surprisingly fast, with pretty quick focus acquisition, even in less than ideal contrast situations. The surprise really settled in when I realized that it is pretty consistently beating the focusing speed of my 85mm f/1.2, that’s my normal street shooting lens. A lot of times, street shooting requires, quick stealthy shooting, so that you can catch that decisive moment exhibited by your subjects. As a back button focuser, I really appreciated the ability to quickly acquire focus, lock it in, and move the camera into the desired position for the shot.

Image Quality

Sigma’s 135mm f/1.8 Art Series lens features two SLD (Super Low Dispersion) glass elements and two FLD (Fluorite Low Dispersion) glass elements. The purpose of these glass elements is to help minimize chromatic aberrations, especially in out of focus areas, within portraits, that capture bokeh, or in slender objects and fine tree branches. The net effect is to provide a lens that results in high resolution, sharply focused images, throughout the entire aperture range of the lens.


Well you have probably figured out by now I like this lens and really, image wise, what’s not to like? The results I am seeing, represent their original scenes well, hold details in shadows nicely, provide lifelike colors with pleasing warm tones and the bokeh, well not much more can be said about that. For portrait style images and narrower field of view images, this lens is a strong tool to have in the kit. So strong in fact, my order has been placed.

Atento al titular: “bokehlicious”


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