Cinetics Lynx es el mejor artilugio para captura de movimiento y «timelapse» del mundo mundial, toma ya, porque tu lo vales.

The best, of the best, of the best, eso dicen.

Pues eso, si un artículo con ínfulas de toma de contacto analítica empieza con un titular tan rimbombante como este: Cinetics Lynx is the best motion capture/timelapse machine in its class, a este pequeño saltamontes solo le cabe creérmelo, rendirme a la evidencia, y someterlo a vuestra consideración en mi diaria paliza.

Os pongo el final del artículo, un poco paliza, pero son las conclusiones con sus «pros y contras» y todo. Por si se os escapa, que no se os escapará, os pongo aquí este pequeño párrafo para que entreis en el asunto con conocimiento de causa.

  • Price is really good considering you get the entire three-axis machine for $2000 full price, $1500 Kickstarter. Both prices are excellent for what you get.

Y ahora lo prometido.


Though it’s not perfect, thanks to a few hitches that I think can easily be solved with firmware updates, the Lynx is absolutely a solid and reliable timelapse machine. I may have pointed out a few things that I wish were different, but that doesn’t take away from the extremely on-point build quality of the Lynx. It’s a really well-thought-out device from that perspective, and it’s easily my favorite machine to use in its price tier. In fact, if Cinetics addresses even half of the things I mentioned as firmware issues, this would probably be my favorite timelapse machine currently available. 

What I liked:

  • Great build quality and excellent physical design decisions.
  • Does not suffer from the «totem pole» problem, maintaining a rather squat/short height.
  • Cables are fully enclosed and well organized.
  • Powerful, relatively quiet motors.
  • Many great settings including bulb ramping and timing down to the second.
  • Packs down pretty small, even with extension tubes for the slider.
  • Menu system is easy to figure out, and setting moves is a breeze.
  • Good battery life with a great battery design. 
  • Battery can be charged while device is in use.
  • App shows a lot of promise for those who enjoy more tactile control.
  • Price is really good considering you get the entire three-axis machine for $2000 full price, $1500 Kickstarter. Both prices are excellent for what you get.

What I disliked:

  • Not the best bag situation, as none of the pieces can be stored together in anything that ships with the Lynx.
  • I really wish attaching the pan/tilt head was less of a pain. 
  • A list of firmware quibbles may annoy seasoned timelapsers, but those who are moving to the Lynx as their first advanced three-axis machine should not be as concerned.

The Lynx will continue to be available on Kickstarter pre-order for special pricing through May 5, 2017 after which it will be available through Cinectics or Cinetics dealers. The Cinetics Lynx will ship to most Kickstarter backers and be available for purchase starting in August.

Y ahora ya para distraeros de esta brexenglish-tortura, un par de videos en plan desagravio.

Tal que así es:

Y esto es algo de lo que puede hacer:

  • Caso de haber quedado extasiados ante tanto prodigio y maravilla, podréis continuar vuestro asombro en Imaging-Resource, que es donde lo he visto.


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