El mascarón de proa del buque insignia de toda la flota. Si señor.

Que queréis que os diga, si con el aluvión de artículos que hoy aparecen en todo el mundo mundial y en todos los medios, menos en el “Hola”. Acabaréis hartos de ella.

Yo solo me hago estas sin duda prescindibles reflexiones alguna de las cuales son preguntas.

  • La cosa pinta bien, pero que muy bien. Para mi el resumen más resumido podía ser: es una D5 pero de 45 Mpixels.
  • ¿ Quien será el padre de su criatura sensorial, Sony, Toshiba ?, ¿ Que tal se comportará en ruido y en rango dinámico ?
  • Si la cosa sale bien, y no tiene porqué salir mal, me alegraré mucho de que esta cámara salve los muebles a Nikon y la vuelva al sendero que nunca debió perder.
  • Y ahora solo un detalle. Me gustan mucho sus características, pero especialmente (si al final se confirma, porque hoy no lo he visto) que no tiene filtro AA pero que puede incorporarlo. En artículos previos he leído y me ha parecido entender que era como la D800E, que no lleva filtro AA, pero en realidad si lo lleva, lo que pasa es que incluye un filtro y un antifiltro. Me ha parecido entender que esta D850 hace los mismo, pero electrónicamente puede eliminar el antifiltro. No me hagáis caso y no os emocionéis, porque igual no era verdad o lo entendí mal.
  • Eso si, cuando ya he tenido que ir en busca del desfibrilador ha sido al leer que el precio recomendado que aparece en Dpreview es de 3.300 dólares, que por aquí quedarán en unos 3.500 euros (digo yo). ¿ Se lo puede Vd. creer Sr.Canon ? Después me he enterado que el precio sugerido para la opulenta y rica europa era de 3.800 euros, que bueno, siendo lo que es, también es asumible. Es lo que cuesta la EOS 5D Mark IV.

Os pondré pocas cosas para no marearos, y en todo caso a lo largo del día iré actualizando los enlaces más interesantes:

Unas cuantas características por gentileza de Dpreview, que ha sido el primero en publicar cosas:

Pura fusilada, pero es que hoy el guión lo exige:

Ficha técnica:

  • 45.7MP BSI CMOS sensor
  • 7 fps continuous shooting with AE/AF (9 with battery grip and EN-EL18b battery)
  • 153-point AF system linked to 180,000-pixel metering system
  • UHD 4K video capture at up to 30p from full sensor width
  • 1080 video at up to 120p, recorded as roughly 1/4 or 1/5th speed slow-mo
  • 1 XQD slot and 1 UHS II-compliant SD slot
  • Battery life rated at 1840 shots
  • 3.2″ tilting touchscreen with 2.36M-dot (1024×768 pixel) LCD
  • Illuminated controls
  • SnapBridge full-time Bluetooth LE connection system with Wi-Fi
  • Advanced time-lapse options (including in-camera 4K video creation)

Características algo más explicadas:

The Ultimate Combination of Resolution and Speed

The Ultimate Combination of Resolution and SpeedThe Nikon D850 is the new benchmark in DSLR image quality, with an unprecedented combination of resolution, dynamic range, ISO and processing power. The 45.7-megapixel CMOS sensor approaches medium format-level resolution and forgoes an optical low pass filter (OLPF) to harness the maximum sharpness of NIKKOR lenses, with fantastic fidelity, tonality and clarity. This is also Nikon’s first DSLR to incorporate a BSI CMOS sensor, which captures light more efficiently, resulting in a wider dynamic range and low-noise image capture. Beyond the immense resolution, the Nikon D850 offers photographers superior performance:

  • High-Speed Capture: The D850 is capable of shooting up to 7 fps at full resolution, with full AF/AE or 9 fps at full resolution with the addition of an optional battery grip (MB-D18) and EN-EL18a/b battery (Buffer approximately 51 frames of 14-bit lossless RAW capture / 170 frames of 12-bit lossless).
  • Wide ISO Range: The D850 offers a wide ISO range from 64-25,600 (Expandable down to ISO 32, up to 102,400).
  • Flagship Focus System: The D850 uses the Nikon D5’s 153-point, Multi-Cam 20K AF system, which features 99 cross type sensors, 15 of which are sensitive to f/8.
  • EXPEED 5: Behind every great sensor is a great image-processing engine. EXPEED 5 is Nikon’s most powerful engine yet, allowing for fast data readout and swift image processing, improved low light performance, high speed shooting, full-frame 4K UHD video capture and greater power efficiency for longer battery life.

Innovation Built for the Needs of Professional Creators

In addition to its phenomenal performance, the Nikon D850 hosts a range of innovative and thoughtful new features that enhance workflow, and will leave every photographer or content creator wondering how they ever lived without them:

  • Tilting LCD Touchscreen: The 3.2-in., high resolution (2359k-dot) LCD monitor offers Nikon’s most extensive touch functionality ever.
  • Silent Shooter: The D850 offers the ability to operate with an electronic shutter in Live View. When in this mode, users can shoot in complete silence, which is ideal for weddings, ceremonies and events where the shutter sound is discouraged. The electronic shutter operates at up to 6 fps (AF/AE locked) at full resolution, while an additional mode enables 8.6-megapixel capture in DX image area mode at up to 30 fps.
  • Radio Flash Control: Like the D5 and D500, the D850 also supports Radio-controlled Advanced Wireless Lighting with the optional SB-5000 Speedlight and WR-A10 and WR-R10 accessories.
  • RAW Processing Power: Users can choose from 3 sizes of RAW files to enhance workflow, including Large (45.4-MP), Medium (25.6-MP) and Small (11.4-MP). Additionally, the D850 lets users batch process RAW files in camera, saving time in post-production.
  • Nikon’s Widest and Brightest Optical viewfinder: The 0.75x viewfinder magnification is the highest ever for a Nikon DSLR, and offers a wide and bright view of the frame to easily track and compose subjects.
  • Phenomenal Battery Performance: Shoot all day and well into the night with up to 1,840 shots at full resolution or approximately 70 minutes of video on a single charge. Users who opt for the additional control and handling benefits of the optional battery grip can expect up to 5140 shots (CIPA standard).
  • Dual Card Slots: The D850 features dual memory card slots — XQD for high-speed capture and transfer, as well as readily available SD media.
  • Illuminated Buttons: Buttons that light up at the turn of a dial increase visibility and allow easy shooting at night or in low-light scenarios.
  • Focus Stacking: Ideal for macro, product and landscape photographers, the Focus Shift Photography feature of the D850 is high resolution meets high magnification. This feature lets the user automatically shoot up to 300 shots at adjustable focus step intervals to infinity which can be easily assembled into a focus-stacked image using third party software.
  • Negative/Positive Scanning: With the optional ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter and compatible Micro-NIKKOR lens, the camera enables super high-resolution digitizing of 35mm slides or negatives and converts them in-camera to positives
  • Durable Construction: Ready for any field assignment or production environment, the rugged and weather-sealed magnesium alloy body lets users work with confidence in a wide range of tough environments.
  • Square shooter: Photographers can choose from five formats, including FX-format, 1.2x, DX, 5:4, or 1:1 square with viewfinder shading for easy composition.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi1 & Bluetooth2 Connectivity: Users can seamlessly send images to their compatible smart devices through an always-on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection or through Wi-Fi. Nikon SnapBridge3 also gives the ability for remote capture and preview.

Multimedia Production Ready

Multimedia content creators and filmmakers alike will appreciate a wide range of considerate, industry-leading new features that can help to elevate any production:

  • Full-frame 4K UHD at 24/30 fps: The D850’s FX BSI CMOS sensor allows 4K UHD output at a full-frame width at 16:9, to increase lensing options and provide a true field of view.
  • Slow Motion: Creators can also capture Full HD 1080p at up to 120 fps (4x or 5x) for dramatic slow-motion video capture.
  • Focus Peaking: When shooting Full HD or in Live View for stills, focus peaking can be enabled which highlights in-focus subjects in the frame to ensure sharpness.
  • 8K / 4K Time-lapse: Users can create 4K UHD time-lapse videos easily in-camera, or can use the built in intervalometer to capture images for an ultra-high resolution 8K time lapse that can be assembled in post for those who want the ultimate in video quality.
  • Zebra stripes: The D850’s highlight display mode uses zebra patterns to quickly spot overblown highlights. What’s more, the zebra patterns come in two varieties, selectable according to the patterns and textures of the subjects.
  • HDMI output: Using HDMI, users can record uncompressed, broadcast quality 4:2:2 8-bit 4K UHD footage, directly to an external digital recorder while simultaneously recording to a card.
  • Audio Control: The D850 features an onboard stereo microphone, as well as inputs for headphones and microphone. The camera also features a new audio attenuator to regulate sound levels.

THE FX-Format advantage

The amazing performance and image quality of the Nikon D850 is best coupled with the wide variety of NIKKOR lenses, heralded for their unmatched image quality, color reproduction and optical characteristics. For maximum fidelity, Nikon’s Gold Ring Series of lenses provide the highest caliber of optical performance needed for such immense resolution applications.

Price and Availability

The Nikon D850 will have a suggested retail price (SRP) of $3,299.95*, and will be available in September 2017. The MB-D18 Multi Power Battery Pack will have an SRP of $399.95*, while the ES-2 film digitalizing adapter will have an SRP of $149.95*. For more information on the latest Nikon products, please visit www.nikonusa.com.

Toma de contacto:

Y ya no doy la más la paliza. A lo largo del día iré poniendo más enlaces.

Enhorabuena nikonistas. Creo que se dice así. El Sr.Nikon “la ha petao”.

  • ¿ Es la mejor cámara FF que existe ? No se.
  • ¿ Es la mejor cámara DSLR FF que existe ? En mi opinión, si.
  • ¿ Es la mejor cámara DSLR FF PRO que existe ? PRO, ya no lo se, “prosumer, sin duda ninguna.

Ahora a esperar que los chicos de DxO Mark y asimilados no nos den un disgusto. Seguro que no. Dentro de nada nos iremos enterando

Cosas de Dpreview:


Cosas de Nikon Rumors:

The Nikon D850 camera is finally officially announced. The big surprise of course, is the US price: $3,296.95 (Europe: €3,799 – coño -, Canada: $4,399, UK: £3,499.99).

Nikon D850 coverage:

Y ya al rato van saliendo dodos los demás

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5 Responses to Señoras y caballeros, damas y señores, con todos ustedes la esperada, la rutilante, la única, la sin par “Nikon D850”

  1. indignao dice:

    o resumiendo como dirian los de nikon; hay que sacar algo mejor ya! que los de pentaxricoh con la k-1 nos comen!

  2. nikol2011 dice:

    No, paisano, Nikon a la difunta y resucitada Pentax, no la mira de reojo, y no es porque no sea una muy buena cámara, que lo es. Antes que eso, está su vecino de siempre, ese al que Nikon le “prestaba” al principio, los primeros objetivos.

    Un abrazo.

  3. Juan Roberto dice:

    Acabo de leer en Nikon Rumors que la propia Nikon es la que ha fabricado el sensor de la D850.
    Esperemos un poco para ver el resultado de las pruebas.
    En principio me mantengo excéptico.
    Habrá que ver, por otro lado, a que precio la venden oficialmente en Tenerife, donde vivo.
    Un saludo.

    • Nicolás dice:

      Ya lo tiene dicho antes, y es una media verdad. Parte de las especificaciones y alguna idea serán de Nikon, pero los sensores hace tiempo que se los encargan a un tercero Sony, Toshiba/sony… ¿Y si hubieran hablado con Samsung?

      • nikol2011 dice:

        Lo de ponerse de acuerdo con Samsung, ya lo hice ver, cuando Sony le negó a Nikon el sensor de la A7rII, yo no sé en que estarían pensando. De todas formas, éste tiene la misma tecnología, no es por lo visto un sensor apilado, pero al menos, lo bueno es que es de tecnología BSI también.

        Un saludo.

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