Imaging Resource analiza el software Alien Skin X3

The truth is out there

Bueno, esta nota me ha llegado al alma:

Alien Skin Exposure X3 can be used as standalone software or as a plug-in within Adobe Lightroom (not Adobe Lightroom CC) and Photoshop

¿ Por qué ?

Y ahora venga, un par de notas en plan resumen ejecutivo para que veáis de que va la película.

What I like:

  • Intuitive user interface and no use of modules as in Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
  • Easy to use with cloud services such as Dropbox
  • Saturation control over highlights, midtones and shadows
  • Layer-based and selective editing works well
  • A ton of awesome film emulations and other presets

What I dislike:

  • Rendering RAW images, even on my fast computer, proved to be quite slow at times, particularly when working with large files from the Nikon D850 and Fujifilm GFX 50S
  • No Kelvin white balance
  • No hue/saturation/luminance color control sliders
  • Brushing on large files can slow down the software

Alien Skin Exposure X3 is a very good competitor to Adobe Lightroom and distinguishes itself through its expansive collection of excellent film emulations and presets and wide array of editing options. The layer-based editing in particular is very good and despite a few performance issues and some omissions, Exposure X3 is a great photo editor/manager and is well worth a look.

Pricing and Availability

You can download a 30-day trial of Alien Skin Exposure X3 by clicking here. The full version of the software is available for $149 for new users and $99 for owners of previous Exposure software. You can also purchase Exposure X3 in a bundle with Snap Art and Blow Up plug-ins for Lightroom and Photoshop for $199 ($119 as an upgrade). All versions can be purchased here.

Y ahora un peliculita para entreteneros.


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