La resistencia es inútil: seréis asimilados.

Está claro que mi reino ya no es de este mundo. La hiper velocidad a que van las cosas me ha dejado atrás.

Los jovenzuelos se entusiasman con la realidad virtual, la realidad aumentada y el 3D. Yo no, a mi me da la impresión de tener metido en la cabeza un casco de Robocob o el chip de Terminator, o peor aún, verme como un Borg (los más malos de Star Trek). Si a eso le añadimos además el 360º, el explosivo cóctel está servido.

Pues eso. Dado mi entusiasmo por estas maravillas voy a condensar cuatro de estos artilugios en un solo artículo y, además, los voy a utilizar como brexit-práctica. Ya me lo perdonaréis, o no, lo que vosotros queráis.

1.- The Vuze+ VR Camera is the first camera to give VR content creators, filmmakers, and video and production industry pros the full suite of tools needed for capturing, producing and sharing VR content, all within one eco-system. Priced at $1,199, the Vuze+ VR  camera includes sophisticated capture functionality, such as live broadcasting and custom lenses for improved image quality, and is accompanied by Vuze VR Studio editing software, as well as access to Humaneyes Zone, an industry-first VR platform enabling users to host, stream and share VR content.

2.- The Pilot Era is the world’s first VR 360° camera with real-time 8K video stitching. With the new Pilot Era, photographers will be able to use a self-contained professional-grade panoramic camera to create high quality stitched videos and images easily and quickly and upload them, all within the camera itself. Pilot Era is the only camera which can shoot and record images and videos from 4k to 8k and stitch them seamlessly in real time inside the camera. The Pilot Era is expected to be available on Amazon in April 2018.

3.- Insta360 has unveiled an eight-lens professional VR camera and a new prototype for a light field camera at CES 2018. The eight-lens professional VR camera will be capable of shooting fully spherical, stereoscopic (3D) video at upwards of 10K resolution, with 4/3” image sensors giving the camera a high dynamic range. The 6DOF Light Field Camera uses128 cameras laid out in a rectangular grid array to create 180° video with 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF), meaning viewers can “move” throughout a piece of content along six directions.

4.- YI Technology, in partnership with Google’s VR team, has announced its Horizon VR180 stereoscopic 3D camera. The VR180 takes advantage of Google’s format of the same name, which allows for viewing of 180° material on popular VR headsets, such as the Daydream, Cardboard and Playstation VR.

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