En pleno campo, si señor.

¿ Que puede ser más menos que más ? Pues muchas cosas, por ejemplo la criatura Googleliana Pixelbook, que es menos que un portatil decente pero más que un iPad Pro de su eterno competidor.

Pues nada, que si estas cosas os emocionan, aquí tenéis el análisis.

Yo, a modo de aperitivo, solo os pongo esto y luego me retiro en un discreto mutis por el foro.


  • Fast
  • Beautiful, bright and responsive touchscreen display
  • Ridiculous battery life (it really lasts all day)
  • Chrome-based OS means all my web browsing experiences across all devices is synced
  • Access to Google Play for robust app access
  • Connects with external drives via USB-C
  • Has a traditional keyboard and feels great to type on it


  • Since it’s labeled a “laptop” from Google, it competes with more traditional computers in consumers’ minds. In that frame of reference, its inability to run full applications is a major downside.
  • Touchpad isn’t as responsive as I would like
  • Display isn’t 4K
  • Without an LTE connectivity, full functionality is limited outside of WiFi range. Since you can’t run full apps, it’s about as useful as your cell phone without a signal in those cases.
  • Can get expensive for what it is. The base $1000 is reasonable, but to fully kit it out is wildly overpriced for what the Pixelbook is capable.

Todo lo demás lo encontraréis en Imaging Resource

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