3 meses de retraso: ¿ por qué ?

Ayer vi la publicación de la completísima entrevista que Imaging Resource tuvo con los gerifaltes de Sony en la pasadísima CP+ pero me dio apuro contárosla porque era enorme y me daba pereza leérmela toda para poder resumirla.

Hoy veo que los chicos de Sony Addict han resumido sus puntos importantes, y ahora sí que me atrevo a contárosla.

Este es el resumen ejecutivo que han hecho:

  • Sony thinks they can continue to increase high ISO performance
  • Pixel surface area matters more than the depth
  • Sony thinks IR gets a little too deep for readers when they continue to push for how Sony will improve performance
  • Sony just wants it understood that only they have the sensor technology that allows for good high ISO performance right now and will continue to push the mirrorless market forward
  • To get AF tracking right you have to go beyond pixel data and go to object orientated tracking
  • Having the imaging and AF data together lets this smart AF system work in a way DSLR’s can not
  • At some point in the future, the camera might have some AI involved inside for tracking
  • Currently, Sony is using general computing for AF, but by the time next gen CPUs come out for cameras, Sony thinks they could have AI in the camera for AF.
  • Frame rates are getting fast, but currently, there isn’t a great method for taking a frame out of the video for photography.
  • Video and photos also require a different mindset
  • Sony tests 100 different types of AF scenarios when developing their AF system
  • For developing their long telephoto AF they have gone beyond testing 100 different types of AF
  • Sports and nature require a lot of additional testing and Sony is putting addition thought into their interface
  • The 400mm f/2.8 was developed to satisfy sports and nature photographers
  • The 400mm f/2.8 will be light and it balances well on their current bodies
  • Once again APS-C hasn’t been forgotten

Los culpable absolutos de toda esta paliza son, por orden de aparición:

Pregunta tonta: ¿ el por qué Imaging Resource ha tardado tres meses en publicar la entrevista, es algo que a este pequeño saltamontes no se le alcanza ? ¿  Será cosa de becarios o será cosa de “business” ?

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