La Yashica Y35 abucheada, vilipendiada, denostada y denigrada por descomunales retrasos, poltergueists y mala calidad.

No se yo si …………

No quiero echar sal en ninguna herida abierta, no soy tan malo, pero os recuerdo dos cosas:

  • Cosa 1: nunca vi nada claro este proyecto.
  • Cosa 2: barbas, vecino, afeitar, tuyas, remojar, etc…. Ftc 19-10-2018

Lo cuentan en Brexit Dpreview y Google Dpreview

Y un poco más tarde veo que también despotrican en Photo Rumors, donde a partir de PetaPixel ponen esta considerable lista de poltergueist.

Yu-yu, yu-yu, y más yu-yu.

  • The camera turns off when the shutter is pressed
  • The camera doesn’t even turn on
  • The camera is plastic and cheaply made
  • Camera parts are breaking and falling off
  • Fake buttons molded into the plastic just for looks
  • The camera is hard to hold while pressing the shutter
  • Many backers have yet to receive their cameras and haven’t had any updates on the status
  • Awful image quality comparable to cheap toy cameras for kids
  • Incorrect labeling on the fake film rolls, resulting in mismatched photo styles
  • Black-and-white photos coming out blue
  • An unreliable shutter button that doesn’t always trigger a photo when pressed
  • The shutter takes photos on the way up instead of when its fully pressed down
  • A shutter button so stiff that it’s unusable
  • The winding lever gets jammed and needs to be manually pushed back
  • Stickers on the camera have bubbles and are defective
  • Photos can’t be found after they’re captured
  • Difficulty inserting digiFilm rolls into the camera
  • Removing the lens cover caused the lens to separate from the camera body
  • An included cable that isn’t compatible with the camera
  • Photos are out of focus and distorted

Mal rollo, si señor, muy mal rollo.


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