Pixel X900 Flash: lo mismo que los Canon o Nikon, pero a 120 dólares: eso dice Ken Rockwell

Completo y baratito, pero Made in China.

Os pongo lo habitual en los análisis de esta WEB.

La ventaja, por el precio, es que es Made in China, y la desventaja, por todo lo demás, es que es Made in China.

Y ahora lo prometido.




  • Essentially the same features performance as Nikons and Canon’s $600 flashes — for $120.
  • 2.4 GHz radio slave.
  • Optical slave.
  • State-of-the-art weather-sealed locking foot.
  • High power.
  • Fast recycle time: measured at 2.2 seconds from full-power!
  • Huge zoom range from 20mm to 200mm and beyond
  • Wide panel.
  • Integrated bounce card.
  • Easy to use and program.
  • Potent battery included.
  • Included charger has a great red and green LED display showing charging progress.
  • Diffuser, case & foot included.
  • 4 watt white LED lamp.


  • First sample overheated.
  • Chinese domestic product — support & etc. comes direct from China.


  • Seems like it includes everything for its low price except maybe light-balancing filters.



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