Ken Rockwell nos confirma que la Fuji T30 es la hermana pequeña de la X-T3 y una minimaquinita muy digna.

En kit con el XC 15-45mm por 999$, muy bien, ¿ no ?

Ya sabemos que la Fuji X30 es una maquinita más que digna y que es una X-T3 en pequeño (más o menos), pero hoy el bueno de Ken Rockwell nos lo confirma en su análisis.

Yo os pongo lo habitual para esta WEB y me retiro a prepárame porque esta tarde se casa mi hija y tenemos un poco de jaleo. Después de 4 meses de sequía esta tarde, justo a la hora de la boda, llegará el Monzón a Barcelona en medio de un frío polar. Tenemos que sacar del armario anoraks, polares, impermeables y paraguas para tapar nuestras mejores galas. Realmente Murphy me la tiene jurada.

Bueno, a lo nuestro. Yo os pongo lo habitual para esta WEB.


  • New sensor with 2,160,00 phase-detection AF pixels.
  • AF now rated to work down to LV -3.
  • New grip.
  • New rear “focus lever” nubbin.
  • New “Charcoal Silver” version, in addition to silver and black.


  • Precise, mostly metal construction. Feels like a real camera, not a plastic toy.
  • Lots of dedicated, clearly engraved dials.
  • Live color RGB histograms displayed before you press the shutter (something neither Sony nor Nikon can do except on playback when it’s too late), but you have to activate this in the menu system (see my User’s Guide).
  • Real hinged connector door, not just a crappy plastic flap like Nikon, Sony and Canon use.
  • To 30 FPS with cropped-frame stills.
  • “Pre Shot” mode starts shooting before you press the shutter.
  • No need for a low-pass filter as usual with Fujifilm.
  • Flipping touch LCD screen.
  • 17:9 DCI 4K movies.
  • Standard threaded cable release socket.
  • Silent electronic shutter goes to 1/32,768.
  • Built-in flash.
  • WiFi.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy.


  • Fujifilm’s menu system has been awful and confusing for years with no signs of major improvement. They aren’t paying attention here.
  • Pokey autofocus tracking; while it has fast frame rates for static subjects this is not a good camera for sports or action.
  • Offshored to China; not made domestically in Japan.


  • No built-in stabilization.
  • No rear 4-way controller; use the new nubbin instead.
  • No automatic brightness control for the rear LCD.
  • Fully adjustable Auto ISO with three presets (good), except that one cannot shift the AUTO value for minimum shutter speed away from its default.
  • DCI, 4K and 1,080 HD video, but no 720 or 480 video.
  • No GPS or NFC.
  • Very oddly it ignores down-clicks on playback to swap to different kinds of page views (picture only, picture with data, detailed data, etc.). Clicking the nubbin down is simply ignored and you have to click up multiple times just to go back to the previous kind of view. (selecting which picture by clicking left-right works normally.)
  • No headphone jack, but use a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter with audio ability and voilà, you’ve got a headphone jack in the USB-C Audio Adapter Accessory Mode.
  • Maximum video take length not more than 15 minutes.

Todo lo demás en Ken Rockwell


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