Ken Rockwell va y a estas alturas se descuelga con el análisis de la Fuji X-T20: ¡¡¡ fascinante !!!

Luciendo descaradamente sus encantos, como todas las “mirrorless.

Meditaré profundamente el por qué ocultas razones y después de haber publicado solo hace unos días el análisis de la Fuji X-T30 va y ahora, en plena Semana Santa y en pleno Sábado de Gloria publica su análisis de la Fuji X-T20.

Yo no creo en milagros, todo tiene una causa, pero en este momento “no se me alcanza”.

Mientras me sumo en una meditación trascendental sobre ello, os pongo lo habitual para esta WEB.


  • 24 MP sensor, up from 16MP in X-T10.
  • 4K video.
  • NP-W126S battery allows in-camera USB charging.


  • Precise, mostly metal construction. Feels like a real camera, not a plastic toy.
  • Lots of dedicated, clearly engraved dials.
  • Built-in flash.
  • Live color RGB histograms displayed before you press the shutter (something neither Sony nor Nikon can do except on playback when it’s too late), but you have to activate this in the menu system (see my User’s Guide).
  • Real hinged and spring-loaded connector door, not just a crappy plastic flap like Nikon, Sony and Canon use.
  • No need for a low-pass filter as usual with Fujifilm.
  • Flipping touch LCD screen.
  • Standard threaded cable release socket.
  • Silent electronic shutter goes to 1/32,768.
  • WiFi.


  • Fujifilm’s menu system has been awful and confusing for years with no signs of major improvement. They aren’t paying attention here.
  • While Fujifilm’s cameras have fast autofocus for single shots and have fast frame rates for subjects that hold still, none of Fujifilm’s cameras can track motion or exposure well at the same time as running at a high frame rate. This is not a good camera for sports or action.
  • Offshored to China; not made domestically in Japan.


  • No built-in stabilization.
  • No battery percentage readout, just a multi-segment icon.
  • No automatic brightness control for the rear LCD.
  • Fully adjustable Auto ISO with three presets (good), except that one cannot shift the AUTO value for minimum shutter speed away from its default.
  • 4K, 1,080 and 720 video, but no 480 or DCI video.
  • No Bluetooth, GPS or NFC.
  • Very oddly it ignores down-clicks on playback to swap to different kinds of page views (picture only, picture with data, detailed data, etc.). Clicking the nubbin down is simply ignored and you have to click up multiple times just to go back to the previous kind of view. (selecting which picture by clicking left-right works normally.)

Si, si, es una análisis nuevo, no es una actualización: Ken Rockwell


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