3 Legged Thing’s new tripods feature leveling base, video heads, table-top option and more

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Si esto no va de perlas para una brexit práctica no se que es lo que podría ir mejor:

Tripod manufacturer 3 Legged Thing has announced a new range of premium tripods that are designed to suit both stills and movie photographers. Inspired by the skateboarding world, the Legends range will offer video heads for the first time as well as new leg locks, a leveling base as well as three detachable legs that can become monopods or booms arms for lights and microphones. The company has launched two models, Mike and Jay, and promises more for the future.

Mike will cost $549.99 / £499.99 on his own, or $849.99 / £729.99 with the AirHed Cine, while Jay costs $479.99 / £449.99 on his own, or $779.99 / £679.99 with the AirHed Cine. The AirHed Cine costs $349.99 / £299.99 by itself. The company says there will be more to come for the Legends system in the next few months.

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