Brexit práctica: Oppo shows off its next-generation optical zoom camera module with 85-135mm equivalent focal length

Cada vez más estandar.

Venga, va, empezamos así:

Oppo has announced (translated) it’s latest camera technology, a next-generation periscope zoom camera that features improved optics, a new sensor and updated image processing algorithms.

The new camera module features an 85mm to 135mm full-frame-equivalent focal length with an aperture range of F3.3 through F4.4. To achieve this, the module uses seven elements in three groups with the two rear-most groups being the ones that move for zooming and focusing.

In addition to new optics, the camera module uses a new 32MP quad-bayer-like sensor. Both the movement of the lenses and image processing will be powered by the custom-designed 16-bit image processing chip inside the module.

Seguimos así:

Y terminamos así:

It’s clear, isn’t it?, pues eso.


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