Topaz Labs actualiza todos (o casi) sus software este mes:

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Esto solo sirve como brexit práctica publireportajosa de lunes por la mañana, así que así lo tomo y así os lo muestro, amén.

3% to George Town numbered account:

IBAN: 0123 4567 8901 2345 6789 0123

Here are the Topaz Labs January 2021 releases/updates:

  • Topaz Labs released an update to Video Enhance AI (v1.9.0) that offers a new AI models built for enhancing interlaced footage and eliminating jarring, jagged lines produced by analog video recording.
  • Topaz Labs updated Gigapixel AI (v5.4.3) with improvements to the Art AI-model, corrected artifacting issues and improved sharpening. Gigapixel now offers more robust and stable image support — CR3 raw files and panoramic images are now supported, the pixel cap when launched as a Photoshop plugin is now removed.
  • Topaz Labs updated Mask AI (v1.3.8) with bug fixes and stability improvements. The new “Trimap Save” dialog now allows you to save trimaps in plugin mode, and you can now work with more image formats, including CR3 raw files. Learn how Mask AI can improve your workflow.
  • Topaz Labs also released Artemis v10, a new AI model that improves upon v9 and can produce output with better noise reduction, less residual color flicker, and fewer artifacts.

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