Aquí comprobaréis que “anamorfico” no quiere decir “barato”: hete aquí el Vazen 50mmT2.1 anamoooooooooooorphic lens

Precioso, pero, duele un poco, ¿no?

Ideal me va a venir esto para la brexit práctica de hoy.

Chinese lens manufacturer Vazen has launched a 50mm T2.1 lens to add to its anamorphic offering for full frame users. With its 1.8x sequeeze this 50mm will deliver the sort of horizontal angle of view we’d expect from a 28mm regular lens on a full frame system, so it is effectively a wide angle lens.

Pricing & Availability
The lens is currently available to order from authorized resellers and from Vazen website (http://www.vzlens.com/). It is available to ship in late August. Free Priority shipping provided.

The retail price in US is USD 8,000/pc. A $2,000 discount will be offered for a 2-lens (50
+ 85) purchase.

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