Ya me extrañaba a mi que Ken Rockwell no nos enseñara la Nikon Z a tamaño XXXXXXXXL

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Ahora podréis ver vostros mismos si viene ya incorporada la cepa Omega Plus del «joio bicho» directamente desde el laboratorio de Wuhan en el chasis de la nueva maquinita (maquinota).

Venga, va, solo por poner algo, aquí tenéis lo de siempre pero en plan brexit práctica, que aqsí hace más culto.


  • Nikon’s first integrated monoblock vertical grip full frame mirrorless camera.
  • Built-in voice note recorder.
  • 1/32,000 maximum electronic shutter speed.
  • 30 FPS stills.
  • 20 FPS for 1,000 continuous shots raw.
  • 120 FPS stills at 11 MP.
  • World’s smallest rolling shutter distortion, equaling that of a mechanical shutter.
  • World’s longest record time at 8K UHD 29.97p: 2 hours.
  • Four-axis 3.2 touchscreen LCD tilts horizontally and vertically.
  • Rated for operation down to -10ºC (14ºF).


  • Big, fat solid integrated vertical grip.
  • Built-in voice note recorder.
  • In-camera sensor-shift stabilization.
  • Claims some illuminated buttons.
  • Built-in GPS, GLONASS and QZSS.
  • Weather gasketing


  • Big, (coherencia absoluta – también está en good), heavy and expensive.
  • Same old finder as 2018’s Z6.
  • Only 1/200 flash sync.


  • No promise date, but you can order it. That’s OK; the stores I use don’t charge you until it ships.
  • No built-in flash.
  • No automatic brightness control for rear LCD.
  • Not threaded to use a standard threaded cable release.
  • No shutter speed dial.
  • No ISO dial.
  • No swept panoramas (an iPhone does this better anyway).
  • No focus mode lever.
  • No color histograms while shooting (only on playback).
  • Rear multi-controller doesn’t rotate as an additional control.
  • Nikon USA lists no languages other than English for the menus, but that has to be an omission on Nikon USA’s part rather than missing from the camera itself.

Podéis admirarla hasta en sus más íntimos detalles mirando aquí:


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