Fotodiox PRONTO LM-NKZ-PRN autofocus lens adapter now available (Leica M lens → Nikon Z mount camera)

Si señor, un agujero envuelto, pero astuto y con tapadera

Venga, la brexit práctica de hoy será esta:

¿A Herrrrrr.Andreas le sentarán bien estas cosas o le habrá entrado un sarpullido estructural?

A while back I briefly mentioned the Fotodiox PRONTO LM-NKZ-PRN autofocus lens adapter (Leica M lens → Nikon Z mount camera) but I never really followed up with more details. The adapter is now in stock at Amazon (more on the way at B&H Photo) – here are the details:

  • AF shooting is possible with the Leica M mount MF lens
  • Compatible with AF-S, AF-C, AF-F
  • Supports video AF
  • Supports “face detection” and “eye AF”
  • Compatible with in-body image stabilization mechanism
  • Shorten the shortest shooting distance (extension amount: about 5 mm)
  • Equipped with a function button (functions can be assigned like the L-Fn button on a Z mount lens)
  • Lens data (focal length and 10 F-numbers) can be recorded in Exif data
  • Adapter firmware can be updated
  • By combining with other companies’ M mount body adapters, MF lenses such as M42, Nikon F, and Yashica Contax can be converted to AF
  • This product is equipped with an Fn (function) button. By pressing this button, you can use the functions set for the L-Fn button on the camera side:


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